Friday, December 11, 2009

Feels like wanna Cry

I look forward to Proton's Open Day Event which was tentatively to be held last month , however the event were postponed due to unforeseen reason. It will be officiated by Tun Dr.Mahathir , advisor of Proton. I was supposed drive a team car that participated in Pertandingan Kemahiran Malaysia on the event date to Tun and all VVIPs at main stage.

Its a huge opportunity to partisipate in this Proton's Open Day  Show .. to get a chance to meet tun that close.. Even mmg selalu jumpa Tun coz dia lately selalu datang Proton Plant kat shah alam nie  . But this is just like one to one meet.. and sapa tahu..  dapat kuar TV3 Buletin Utama .. kekeke..

But.... ive just been informed , that the Proton's Open Day will be re-scheduled to


aduhaii... Bencinya.....  kenapa la waktu tu yg dipilih... me nak sgt join the program.. tapi nk wat cam mana .. da bukan rezeki... ( befikiran positive walau pon tengah frust tertonggeng2)  Antara event proton and my brother's big day , of course la me pilih The wedding.. lagipon .. Im the wedding planner...

Hopefully ayahnda TUN read my blog .. So if he kesian kan me , he will ask his P.A to change the date to  1 day before or the day after even better !!

Gamba Tun  masa Exora launching last march. Sangat frust sebab capture x cantik , salah setting camera.. and lagi frust bila x dapat bergamba dgn dia..

P/S : Jangan lupa join lady in red giveaway...

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aNgAh_aLiFaH said...

adik apid kawen sama tarikh ngn kite laa... selamat pengantin baru utk dia ye.. dah ada gud news ke?

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