Thursday, February 9, 2012

Kaftan Dubai Feb 2012

Good news kepada sesiapa yg dok tanya dan menunggu2 stock kaftan dubai .. its now open for orders. kaftan ni come with long inner  . and design batu yg full round neck depan dan belakang  like this one . soo stunning ! sooo beautiful ! soo elegant !! 

( cleopatra style)

K01 - one and only design 

K02 -



KA05 - one and only design 

KA06 - one and only design

Ade juga kaftan Half yg boleh dipakai dhn kain bercorak batik , or any skirt or even jeans ! ( available in red , light marron , pink , light green and cream colors)




 who ever interested , cam PM me for details, for those yg nk diffrent type  colors , can PM me also ya :))

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