Monday, February 8, 2010

Hari ini Aku Menangis

I woke up early today coz i havent iron my uniforms .. after finished ironing i pon bukak my email as usual .. i saw Intan's email bout Nuffnang Charity Projects and i start to Cry when i saw this ....

Kesian..... Kesian ........kesian.... this boy is about farrihin's age ...... saya terkenangkan kalau farrihin berada di tempat ini. tak sanggup.. tak sanggup sangat rasenyer.. ibu mana yang tak sedih lihat keadaan anak dia macam nie... 

Ramai bloggers yg dah tau.. inilah baby ammar.. 2 years old boy who suffered from PDA.. something to do dgn penyakit jantung berlubang since birth and he need about 12k to support his operation ... wah.. i still crying rite now... tak tahan... sedey ngat rase...  

Kesiannya baby sorang  nie.. tersentuh perasaan keibuan saya.. ( this look , just like farrihin when he woke up!)

Dear blogger friends .. please support baby ammar and his mommy nie... baby ammar's surgery is schedule on 22nd February .. all u can do is ;

1. Enable ‘Show Charity Ads’ in your Blog Manager preferences for the duration of this fundraiser. 
2. Blog about Baby Ammar’s condition.  
3. Make a donation to Azmaniza Mohamad Kamal – 514093114912 (Maybank)

Hopefully mommy ammar tabah hadapi ujian dari-Nya.... u have all my support dear.. u are a brave n strong mommy ... saya doakan semoga Ammar Cepat Sembuh dan sihat dan boleh menjalani hari2 seperti kanak2 biasa . 

~Amin ~

Ammar is so cute...


Peri PiA said...

me too :'(

Asz said...

salam dear ... thnk u for being so supportive and also ur effort to help my lil Ammar .. wish u & family well, moga sentiasa dilindungi & dirahmati
Allah .. Amin!

rien z said...

kesian...rien dpt rasakan apa yg mak dia rasa...anak rien pn sakit jantung saluran alhamdullilah sekarang dh sihat

ita cutevirus said...

harap ammar selamat menjalani pembedahan..

ita ade baca ammar punye stori... tp, tak habes... sebab tak sanggup nak baca..

Anonymous said...


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..:: k i n a k O y u @ m a m a ' a D a m ' ::.. said...

sian nyer amar..semoga amar akan sht seperti kanak2 yg lain.

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