Friday, May 7, 2010

Golden Horse Cosmetics at 1Superkids Family Day

 am inviting all my friends to this event

click to enlarge 

lots of fun activities will be there. For further detail bout the event  can go here

During the event , Golden Horse Cosmetics will be honored to give

     1. Skin Analyze for FREE

and lucky draw gift.. 

 2. 10 x Free SPA Products worth RM 50

 3. 10 x RM 65 Facial Voucher

For the sneak-peek about Golden Horse Cosmetics Products  you can go here


Hidayah Shafiruz said...

bestnyerrrr!! wish i could go there..tapi weekend ni kte dah janji nk ikut hubby pegi trip dgn department dia ke Cameron ("_)..but if kte sampai KL ptg ahad, kte nak singgah, aci kan?

[-suziey-] said...

waaa promote..hehe.happy mothers day:)

firahadifa said...

datang la yer..

suziey ,

Anje a.k.a Mama_Aqish said...

jumpa di sana nanti k...kalo namapk janagn lupe tegur k

Damia Aleesya & Damia Ayunie said...

owhhh bestnya ader promotion...

kalau dekat leh pergi ni...

chekna said... jumpa kat sana nnti ek!!

Hidayah Shafiruz said...

sampai KL dah dekat kul 7 pm..sedeynye xdpt pegi booth akak ("_).

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