Friday, August 13, 2010

Your Liver May live in terror when the month Ramadhan

today , byk betul dapat tazkirah dari geng2 blogger .. yg paling bez tazkirah dr ustazah nett arr.... rugi sape tak baca.. i pon nk bagi tazkirah gak.. but get it from my email ..

The month of  Ramadhan is to check on my capacity for less. I mean less frequency of eating, less amount of food, less talking (gossiping) and less complaining. Thus, writing entries is less fun as I suspected that many of my entries have the complaining tone. 

So when the activities of the mouth are much lessened, correspondingly there are voids that if not filled will create more in everything related to eating. In the end, your liver spills out more fat to the abdomen and the thighs. Before eating, at least have some consideration for your liver, and try to picture how it will cope with the amount that is in front of you.

Be a coach to your own self. Do not follow the rich people trend of eating in Ramadhan, but follow the practice of the Prophet. Buffets in cafĂ© and hotels are really tasteless. Set up your intention, to read Quran and to pray all the optional prayers. There is a special reason why God prescribed the terawikh prayer after breaking your fast and not after sahur. So, get moving, don’t linger at your dining table. It helps if you buy or cook only the amount you need to break your fast and to sahur.

If you are not too concern about the spiritual practices, at least be mindful of what burden you put on your liver. Maybe you have no diagnosable disease for you to go and scan your liver, but if your tummy is moving ahead of your nipples, it is likely that your liver is relatively packed with fats.

Do my suggestion of a fitness test in Ramadhan, if you don't have the energy to run.  Recite Quran audibly with the rhyme and melody like a pro. It is easy. Just put on a CD, and follow. If you have to stop for breath at the inappropriate places, or you end up coughing and wheezing, that just shows that you have poor stamina. Al-Mulk daily is so therapuetic. So is Ar-Rahman and Yassin. I forgot about my yearly bone scan and chest X-ray, even when I am experiencing symptoms. As long as I can recite and jog in non-fasting months,  I am quite happy.

Help your liver and your liver will help you. And if you do it correctly, the reward is so ever lasting. May Allah bless us all.

ok . itu jer.. time lunch jumaat ramadhan nie x tau nk wat ape.. idea??


Peri PiA said...

thanks afidah :)

selalu jumaat afidah ade date :)

mummy_ayu said...

wah.yg kat sini dah mm prof dah..aku gak tak idea nak tazkirah...
aku cuti jer.tak buat kuih raya lagi la..

Just Call Me Bitt said...

good resepi/fashion ke..hehehe

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