Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dont give up on us

I used to think he not really loves me , why shud I think like that? . he never really show his love , never bought me flower except on my convocation day , never bestowed me with  sweet gesture , never surprising me with candle light dinner , never bought me designers handbags unless I say so .( and it took 4 to 5 month for him to get me a designer handbag I requested ~ duh! itu pon aku tak bersyukur lagi !! LOL) . Seldom care bout thing I need and my favourite .we have different personality , different interpretation , most likely we both are really in different opinion .

Not like ur husbands, he don’t like the ideology of blogging , for him , no need to tell the world what we are doing and there is a juice in keeping the things privately secret . Which I thought he is correct.
but for me , blogging is like build a property estate , we will see the impotency of blogging once we entering the blogging world . We will get new friends, leverage and this will be our legacy once we died . My ideology is correct too I presume. so for the small things like this , arguing is our specialty when we are together . and it makes me prejudice his love towards me .

… but im wrong , truly , madly , deeply wrong ..

For things that happen lately, for things that make me feel ashamed of me , for a horrible mistake that I do . I now realize his Pure Super Solid Love towards me. He is my friend I can see in his eyes. My only long lasting friend. He is loyal. I cannot believe he has stood by my side all night long when my stomach hurts. Not to forget thousands of money he have spend for my ‘teeth-do’ . I cannot believe he has taken me back when I have betrayed him with my harsh words. Without hurts me back, he cuddle me and trying to calm me down.. Please give me thousands reason why I shud’t love my man??

…. And I hope he don’t give up on me .

He doesn't ask much of me. He is just him, humming his tunes. Doing his thing. Without a care in the world except what is right in Islam . I will never find anyone like him again. Goshhh !! Its really annoying me . For the past 3 years since we married, why I never notice this Clearly???

He loves me more than I love my self

He took a good care of me more than I take care of my self

He loves me sincerely

i now realize he loves me from more than what he tells me. i see it, i feel it, and Allah has let me know he's the one . And I do have so much love to give him coz from now my love grew more and more and feels like my heart so saturated with his love and wanna explode ;

1. I love him more that I Hate being far from him . I want him stay besides me, as near , as close as possible

2. I love him more that I don’t wanna lose him in a second or even a shorter then a second

3. I love him more that I will follow him any where, beyond the universe if he asked me

4. I love him more that it tortured me when he feel stress, irritated and annoyed

5. I love him more that I wanna feel and share his hurts, sadness and sorrow

And I pray , I wanna be with him forever in Jannah . Amin


yatie chomeyl said...

babe, aku terharu baca ni. terus aku pun rasa insaf

mummy_ayu said... romantik la....

Peri PiA said...


ade persamaan la kita darl :')

mulut i ni pon kadang2 buat dosa free2 je kat hubbby ;(

Ein Frenoz said...

Hehehe sungguh jujur penerangan tu ... I like :). Becos i know u... We both nk manja n nk attn from hubby slalu.

Haha skrg ni best fren kite same jer apid, our hubby...dia dekt ke jauh dia gak shoulder to cry on...

firahadifa said...

tie ,

ko pon mesti kuat majuk ngan laki ko kan.. huhu


ler.. xde nyer.. biase la tengah nk minta benda nie.. mesti la jek sket.. ngeee~~

Anonymous said...

adeh.. pening i baca ur english.. kena ulang2 bagi paham

Syigim said...

alhamdulillah. moga kekal berkasih sayang sampai kerepot ye :)

firahadifa said...

peri pia , kekekeke

ein, tu la.. no one can replace our hubby kan,...

cik anom , x payah u nk cuba paham . bukan masuk exam pon

MRS. K said...


mama_umar_maryam said...

hik3, mcm baru pas gaduh2 kucing je ;p..aku pon slalu gak..pastu bile dah sedor diri,rupenye diri sendiri yg salah ;(

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