Thursday, April 19, 2012

My phy, prevè, Jubah , and me ! Me ! Me!

Hari ni birthday my phy yg ke-29 . he is not with me currently . he's in Iraq . for the 1st time in our 5 years in  marriage life . he is not here with me to celebrate his birthday . i pon xde any preparation nk buat utk birthday dia . at 1st plan nk surprise him with cakes and a bouquet of flowers and send to his office here .. but since dia xde kat sini . x jadi lah nk buat   . nanti lah bile dia balik we celebrate with nice family dinner as always .. 

gamba latest my phy onshore at rig . sorry i tak bole show apa disebelah phy takut contain company's secrecy 

happy birthday my sunshine . i love u . i love u and i love u 

Proton preve' dah pon launch . cantikkan.. korang beli yer.. support proton .. tapi agak sedih i tak de tengok this car manufacturing journey ,  masa i tinggalkan opis dulu x silap i masih somewhere in  concept approval or just complete with styling . cepat tul masa berlalu .. seriously bile i dgr nk launch dah P321A ni. i jadi down .. i missed my working days so much ! lamanya i tinggalkan proton .. rindu ngan meja i , rindu nk buat event , rindu nk join launching ! rindu time buzy2 dulu ..

well.. not that im not buzy here.. im too much buzy compare dari zaman keje dulu . im full whole day .. send and fetch ayein from school at the same time jaga my  5 month old munchkin , kemas rumah , masak and shopping . penat hokeh!

i rase i naik turun lift more than 10x per day! bawak my fashionista ni kehulu hilir . she's my best freind now! 

pick up abang from his school 

ok. x mo  regret . duk dubai pon best juga . hari hari bole enjoy ! .. tapi sampai bila ???

ah! wateverlah !

owhh .. i ade update new jubah design for april may '12 .   byk yg lawa2 ..this is some of it .. nk tengok yg lain just click at the other page above ya ..   sapa yg berminat just email me 

ok. itu je

next update ;

weekend gateway ; fujairah 


Peri PiA said...

happy b'day!!!!

Nad @ MamaZakwan said...

bestnye kalu ada jubah @ abaya yg cantek2 dan seswai utk bf kan baby...ada tak kak fida?

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